Glimps of 2016

Here's a small glimpse of the people I met and projects I was fortunate enough to work on. Thank you all who were part of 2016- you made it that much better.

Im really thankful to be able to do what I love every single day.   "If you love what you, you don't work a single day of your life".  2017 is here and I'm ready for whats to come. 

We are all Wanderers

We are all wanderers at heart.  This your time. Find your voice and run with it.  Don’t stop.  Feel the wind in your hair.  Let it push you, pull you but don’t let it stop you.  Follow your heart.  Feel the soil beneath your feet and listen to the Earth’s pulse and move with it.  Find what you love, find what knocks you down and keep climbing, searching and breathing.

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Partnering with

Great news! I have partnered up with Which means I can now share all my supper discount deals I get with for all my projects.  Can say enough how much they have helped me with during my shoots whether I need a lens or a back up camera for a project they are fast on delivery and have awesome customer support service.  

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