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Ivory Ella | Spring 2017

Recently partnered with Ivory Ella to help shoot some of their new clothing line for 2017.  We started our new partnership by shooting their new 2017 Spring line in Los Angeles.  Here's a short behind the scenes video from our recent project. 

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We are all Wanderers

We are all wanderers at heart.  This your time. Find your voice and run with it.  Don’t stop.  Feel the wind in your hair.  Let it push you, pull you but don’t let it stop you.  Follow your heart.  Feel the soil beneath your feet and listen to the Earth’s pulse and move with it.  Find what you love, find what knocks you down and keep climbing, searching and breathing.

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Bask & Bliss

When Bask and Bliss asked if I would be up for creating a video for their towels, I didn't hesitate one bit. I immediately started scouting for models, locations, and stylists.  We shot for two days with four models, one camera, two lenses and a Jeep.

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Better Buzz Coffee

This is hands down the tastiest shoot I've done so far.  After the shoot I was left with gourmet dessert and organic juices for me to enjoy.  Yum. 

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